CAFL的CEO参加了在上海举行的球员公开选拔赛2016年05月14日 17:08:08

Gary Morris, CAFL的CEO,目前定居在上海,参加了在上海举行的球员公开选拔赛。虽然天公不作美,Morris先生感受到了83位候选球员在新联赛专业教练考核审视下配合努力。下面的视频是他对今年CAFL开启具有历史性意义篇章的最好诠释。
Gary Morris, CEO of the CAFL and a resident of Shanghai, was in attendance for the final day of open tryoutsin his hometown. On a a challenging day weather-wise, Morris watched 83 CAFL hopefuls go through the paces under the expert eyes of the new league’s coaching staff and scouts. Here is his appraisal as the CAFL gets set to kick off an historic inaugural season of play.




刚结束了中国的球员测试之旅,上周六CAFL又在美国德州奥斯丁进行了两场测试。 超过100人有机  [详细]